As a Yoga Practitioner and teacher, I express myself in the Moment. I endeavour to live in the “eternal present” through The practice of asanas or postures.

This feeling is also present in my painting s I express myself in The fleeting present, allowing the paint to flow but also controlling
It at the same time. There is the subtle blend of discipline and freedom, Much like the art of yoga. This blend of the conscious and unconscious States, with an element of lustrous awareness sums up meditation.
This is the essence of present mindedness.

This is the essence of my self expression. I might plan with precision But I do allow for freedom and flow. I do not altogether predict the outcome of the painting but enjoy the moment. I let it happen. The Painting undfolds before me, it even surprises me.Hopefully this creates a healing reaction for the observer…after all the viewer completes the Picture!

Quote in parenthesis – BKS Iyengar – Light on Life